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Baggage function

Customer Services

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  • Knowing the procedures and regulations in force about the handling of a baggage incident
  • Being able to carry out the operational handling depending on the type of incident
  • Being able to create, modify and close AHL, OHD and DPR file via WorldTracer


Personnel in direct contact with customers in charge of the handling of baggage incidents


  1. Presenting the regulations and procedures in force
  2. Handling a located missing baggage: AHL
  3. Handling an excess baggage: OHD
  4. Handling a damaged or pilfered baggage file: DPR
  5. Handling rerouting: RUSH and labelling
  6. Describing and consulting matches on WorldTracer
  7. Searching and reading the history of baggage incident files

Practicing the skills acquired through the study of cases