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Load control

Dangerous goods

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  • Mastering each category of dangerous goods and the inherent conditions for transporting them in order to ensure load planning
  • Strictly complying with the procedures in force


Personnel in charge of load planning and control, airside operations or flight regulation agents


  1. Presentation of the regulatory framework and of the different responsibilities
  2. Detailed identification of the different categories of dangers and the related tags
  3. Loading rules: limitations and incompatibilities
  4. Stocking and loading procedures
  5. Identification of misdeclared dangerous goods
  6. The NOTOC (NOtification TO Captain)
  7. Specific dispositions for passengers and flight crew
  8. Actions to be taken in case of incident
  9. Awareness about the potential risks related to human factors (lack of vigilance, stress, habits…)
  10. Radioprotection for transporting radioactive goods

Animated e-learning module with soundtrack and videos. The training includes the modules about radioactivity and radioprotection belonging to category 7