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Icone Piste - Fonction départ


Rampside - Departure function

Airside operations

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  • Knowing the different steps of an aircraft departure by integrating the notions about ground to cockpit communication via conventional signals
  • Being able to carry out an aircraft turnaround in order to ensure the safety of flights and personnel
  • Mastering the equipment associated to the different types of aircraft departures


Personnel in charge of the Aircraft Departure function


  1. Presentation of the Aircraft Departure function
  2. Awareness about security rules
  3. Presentation of the equipment to be used
  4. Presentation of the communication ground / cockpit and hand signals
  5. Explanation about the checks to be carried out and the different types of incidents
  6. Presentation about the different types of departure: autonomous, nose-in, ASU
  7. Awareness about the potential risks related to human factors (lack of vigilance, stress, habits…°

Prerequisites of a complete Training program, both theoretical and practical, specific to each type of aircraft and the equipment to be used for aircraft departure