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Airside operations

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  • Being able to carry out loading and unloading operations while using engine means (loaders) in compliance with the rules in force
  • Perfectly using the equipment specific to each category of aircraft


Personnel in charge of the Loading function for engine aircrafts


  1. Providing a detailed presentation about (un)loading operations for each aircraft category (A320, A340, A380, B777)
  2. Describing the equipment specific to each type of aircraft (loader)
  3. Handling aircraft doors, tie-down and lock
  4. Providing Information about IATA’s rules on the ULDs
  5. Reading and using the loading plan (PDC)
  6. Using the loading systems on-board
  7. Providing Information about the human factors and risks
  8. Providing Information about the consequences of loading on the security of flights and staff
  9. Presenting the features of the aircraft and dangerous areas

Prerequisites of a complete training program, both theoretical and practical, specific to each type of equipment used during the loading phase