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Icone Coordinateur de la touchée


Aircraft turnaround coordination

Airside operations

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  • Being able to coordinate the different pieces of information received about the aircraft turnaround (loading, refuelling and flight file) by optimizing the communication with the Center of documentary elaboration (CLD) and the crew
  • Knowing and being able to use the IT tools by respecting the rules in force


Personnel in charge of the coordination of turnaround


  1. Presentation of the Aircraft Turnaround Coordination function
  2. Presentation of the weight, fuel and balance
  3. Presentation of the IT tools
  4. Basics about loading: unit load devices, loading codes and holds
  5. Utilization of the loading plan
  6. Presentation of aircraft (un)loading procedure
  7. Awareness about the potential risks related to human factors (lack of attention, stress, habits…)
  8. Information about the consequences of a loading on the safety of flights and staff
  9. Presentation of the aircraft features and dangerous areas

Certificate of qualification for the TRC function